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Nutritional Consultation

We view food as a powerful medicine and will examine dietary choices which may assist or inhibit your body’s optimum functioning. Special attention is given to the investigation of food sensitivities and those foods contributing to illness and a lack of well-being. Food intolerances are identified and dietary planning, along with other naturopathic means, are employed to promote overall health and healing.

Much of what people have learned over the years about food and what constitutes a healthy diet is incorrect. There is a great deal of inaccurate and misleading information out there about food and the types of diets that best benefit various people. Dr. White also works closely with Hollie Greenwood, Holistic Health Educator, when in-depth diet analysis needs to be done, or when patients need or desire further education in the realm of food choices, diet, and their impacts on health. Visit Hollie's website at for more information.

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